Website Optimization & Design

Having a great looking website is only half of the battle. While design aesthetics are critical to having a well performing website, what good is a website if it
isn’t being found? Your site needs to be properly optimized to get the traffic that you need to help your business grow. We know what it takes to properly position your website for future growth and current improvements.

What does this process include?

We make sure that your content management system is efficiently set up to add great content to your website. After all, content is king and consequently, we find the best ways to add and showcase your content.
Secondly, making sure that your site architecture is easily crawled by the search engines is an integral part of the process. Your site should be laid out and organized in a way that is easily accessible by your customers, but also easily found and crawled by major search engines.
We then look toward optimizing the on-site coding and tying up any lose ends that your Web designer may have missed. Critical points to this include:

  • Permalink Structure
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Your Sitemap
  • Your Robots.txt file

This process is crucial in aiding the future success and development of a healthy website.

Searchlight also offers full service web design for clients looking to start a fresh campaign with all of these signals baked in. Contact us for more information.

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