Using the 4 U’s: How to start writing titles they’ll all click on

Using the 4 U’s: How to start writing titles they’ll all click on

What are the “Four U’s” anyway?

Entrepreneur Michael Masterson came up with an easy-to-remember, powerful web copy strategy, according to a Yahoo! Small Business Advisor article. This strategy is to utilize the “Four U’s.” They are meant to engage people. Everyone wants people to open their email, to read their blog post, to visit their website, to watch their video and, ultimately, to purchase their product or service. The Four U’s say that copy should be (i) urgent, (ii) unique, (iii) useful, and (iv) ultra-specific.


An urgent title convinces people to take action and to take action quickly. If the subject of an email indicates that a deal expires, then it has achieved urgency. It will encourage readers to open that email and will avoid putting it off. A blog post with an actionable title may sound urgent to some readers.


If a company’s webpage title or call to action (CTA) is different and stands out, then people are more likely to click on it. If the title or CTA is the same as three other company’s title or CTA, then what makes

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you different and unique? Nothing. What makes a consumer want to choose you? Not that title.


If copy provides no value, then people will not finish it, or they will not read it at all. In order to entice someone to click on a link or to open an email newsletter, you must convince that person that he or she will gain something by taking action. Content that is not useful cannot accomplish that goal and is a waste of a client’s time and your budget.


For someone to like your content and choose your product and your service, you have to find the right audience. If you write an ultra-specific title to an article, then there’s a great chance that the ideal customer will read it. If you write a vague title, then either few people or the wrong people will read it. It’s also important (and fair) for people to know exactly what they are getting when they download your e-book or hire you for something.

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