Use Dynamic Number Insertion and keep Name, Address and Phone Number info accurate if you use call tracking

Use Dynamic Number Insertion and keep Name, Address and Phone Number info accurate if you use call tracking

A recent whitepaper (PDF) by a call tracking company, Log My Calls, attempted to explain how call tracking is not bad for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. The whitepaper seemed to have two main takeaways (i) use call tracking the “right” way to maintain name, address and phone number accuracy (NAP) and (ii) be sure to use a dynamic name insertion (DNI) with JavaScript on your website.

NAP is critical to SEO success with Google. Google automatically reads information on, or crawls, directories available on the web. It is important that a business’ information is accurate and uniform in every listing is has. The more the business name, its address and its phone number are exactly the same on directories that Google crawls, the better position that business’ website is likely to achieve in Google results. Therefore, do NOT use tracking

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numbers in online directories like, Yelp or Foursquare. Use your real phone number. That will confuse Google and may negatively impact your SEO efforts.

Additionally, be sure that the call tracking service you use on your website uses DNI. Call tracking numbers displayed on websites can vary depending on how the person got to that website. That is how one measures their return on investment (ROI) in various online marketing and advertising campaigns. DNI is the technology that displays the call tracking number on your website. It uses JavaScript, which is like a mini-computer program. Google does not execute the program. However, the call tracking number puts your real phone number in the script, surrounded by “noscript” tags. Google will crawl what’s in between those tags. Therefore, it will only see your real phone number, so that you can maintain NAP accuracy and avoid confusing Google and keep your SEO top-notch.

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