Optimizing your autoresponder

Optimizing your autoresponder

What is an autoresponder?

When you are trying to sell a service online, you must gain a user’s trust and confidence before the sale. You also cannot let a potential customer forget about you. That is exactly what autoresopnders are for. If you design an effective landing page, which delivers a whitepaper by email, then you can also send those potential clients an autoresponder. Simply put, an autoresponder is a series of one or more emails to the potential customer. You write and design these emails in advance and then set your email marketing software to send those messages automatically at certain intervals after the potential customer opts in to your email campaign.

Autoresponders keep your services in the minds of potential customers. As this type of email campaign should be informative, they will also be knowledgeable about your product by the end of the autoresponder series. Through the emails, you will hopefully be able to explain why your product is the best and why it stands out. But knowledge is not enough. Trust is as important, too. People may be skeptical of purchasing your product or service online, especially if the first time they heard of your company was on your website. Autoresponder emails can work to build trust between your brand and potential clients, especially if you have written the emails in a friendly, personable manner.

Problem solved

An autoresponder is only effective if the emails are opened. After all, you spent time designing them in a specific sequence. You need to look at your data to see if there is a drop off. Are you sending too many emails? On the other hand, if they are all being opened, then could you send one more to drive home your point?

Another problem that email marketers face is the open rate. What percentages of the people who receive your emails open them? If the open rate is

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high and uniform, then you did a good job writing your emails. ConversionXL.com recommends tweaking the subjects of autoresponder emails that are not opened or rarely and reworking the copy of emails where people do not click on any links from the email. That way, with open rate data, you can tweak your emails so that more potential clients read them. After

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all, there are tons of email newsletters and deal emails out there. Make your emails compelling.

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