A few problems with separate mobile sites and ways to improve them

A few problems with separate mobile sites and ways to improve them

Not all mobile websites are executed correctly and one should make sure that his or her web developer will create one optimized site for your business. Blogger and web developer Tom Elliott writes that Google has recommended that web developers create responsive sites as opposed to a mobile site that is separate from its desktop site. A responsive site is viewable and accessible on screens, including desktop monitors and mobile phones.

A separate mobile website’s URL is typically in the format of m.example.com. This website is completely different from example.com and is optimized for mobile device screens. One problem with a separate site is the page load speed. If a user types in example.com on a mobile device, then the server must redirect the browser to m.example.com before the mobile site will load and that takes time. The faster a webpage loads the better for the user and the search engine. After all, who

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wants to wait for a site to load on their mobile phone, which likely has a relatively slow connection? A responsive website bypasses this extra step. Because of the way a responsive site is coded, it will load in a compact, yet visible, manner on a mobile browser. Therefore, it is possible for a responsive site to have a faster load time on a mobile device than an entirely separate website. If Google detects that a site loads quickly, then it may boost it in its search engine ranking pages.

Another user experience problem with a mobile site deals with URL structure. If a mobile site that is a separate site from the main, desktop site is executed properly, then it must not link to the main site. For example, if you are having a sale on super-widgets and your mobile site links to this sale on your regular site, then the purpose of the mobile site has been defeated. You need separate content for these two websites so that each site is optimized for a specific type of screen. This can be difficult and costly. Therefore, a responsive site that adapts to the screen size using media queries is best.

At Search Light Internet Marketing, we develop responsive websites that are designed to the latest specifications. We also run Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns so that your website will be found easily on search engines like Google and help you drive customers to your door. For more information, visit www.SearchLightIM.com for call 347-871-4141.

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